SPOTLIGHT: The Collection of Scott Day

Welcome to the DCCollectors collection spotlight, where we showcase one of your DC-themed collections! Whether it is a fan just starting out with a small collection, to some of the largest collections in the world, there is always something you can learn from looking at other’s collections. You might find a new way to display something, or maybe even see something you did not know existed!

Today’s focus is on the collection of Scott Day.  Scott has a nice collection of DC Comics collectibles and his love for the company is evident in his collection. From action figures to stuffed bears, Scott has a little bit of everything!

Check out more about Scott and his collection below!

A Wonder Woman cardboard standee, in Scott's collection.
A Wonder Woman cardboard standee, in Scott’s collection.

DCCollectors: How did you get into collecting DC toys and what was your first DC toy/collectible?

Scott Day: I’ve always been a massive DC fan since I was a child, then when I got older and Smallville came out my passion for Superman and DC really took off. I started with just a few DC Collectible figures on a shelf and over several years it’s become a whole room. My first collectible was the new 52 Superman figure.

DCCollectors: How many pieces are in your collection?

Scott Day:  It’s hard to say how many items are in my collection, but I’ve managed to fill an entire room. I wouldn’t know where to begin counting!

DCCollectors: If you could only choose one item to keep, which one would it be?

Scott Day: If I could choose one item to keep it probably would be my Superman Kotobukiya figure, It was the first really expensive statue a bought.

DCCollectors: What is the one item that you really want to add to your collection?

Scott Day:  The one item I would love to add to my collection would probably be the black suit Superman Hot Toys figure. Probably the most realistic figure you can get, but extremely expensive.

DCCollectors: What piece of advice do you have for those just starting their collections?

Scott Day:  The biggest peice of advice for new collectors would be to look about and be patient, Set notifications on auction sites and look regularly. There can be bargains and rare collectibles to be found if you look hard enough.

DCCollectors: Do you have an interesting story regarding the collection, such as meeting someone famous while shopping for your toys, or a super deal you got on something? Something along those lines.

Scott Day:  I have been extremely lucky to have won a few social media competitions, some with prizes I couldn’t have afforded to buy myself. One of the biggest and most treasured items I’ve won is the limited edition Police Justice League watch. Proudly on display and never worn.

Check out the gallery below, for a more in-depth look at the collection of Scott Day!

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