Welcome to the DCCollectors collection spotlight, where we showcase one of your DC-themed collections! Whether it is a fan just starting out with a small collection, to some of the largest collections in the world, there is always something you can learn from looking at other’s collections. You might find a new way to display something, or maybe even see something you did not know existed!

Today’s focus is on the collection of Jim Tucker. His love for Batman is clearly evident in this collection. From a store display Imaginext Batman Robot, to classic 70’s Batman toys, you can find a little bit of everything in his collection.

Check out more about Jim and his collection below!

DCCollectors: How did you get into collecting DC toys and what was your first DC toy/collectible?

Jim Tucker: My first DC Comics toy was a 1976 Corgi Batmobile and boat set I got for my birthday when I was 2 or 3. It was my favorite toy. That’s when my love for Batman began. I had it for years growing up, but it has since been long gone.

DCCollectors: How many pieces are in your collection?

Jim Tucker: How many pieces are in my collection… That’s a good question. I stopped counting after 300. That’s going to be my winter project.

DCCollectors: If you could only choose one item to keep, which one would it be?

Jim Tucker: If I had to choose one item it would definitely be my 1976 Corgi Batcopter, Batmobile, Batboat set. Although it’s not the one I owned as a kid, it’s even better.

DCCollectors: What is the one item that you really want to add to your collection?

Jim Tucker: The one item I would want to add… I have been eyeing the Batmanga lately and the robot tin toys are just incredible. I was hoping to add one to the collection.

DCCollectors: What piece of advice do you have for those just starting their collections?

Jim Tucker: The advice I would have is to be patient when looking for something, because there’s a lot of deals out there, and joining a collectors group is always helpful in directing you to finding items. I belong to several and my favorite is the Batman Collectors Club group on Facebook. A lot of very knowledgeable bat-fans are on that page.

DCCollectors: Do you have an interesting story regarding the collection, such as meeting someone famous while shopping for your toys, or a super deal you got on something? Something along those lines.

Jim Tucker: The best deal I ever got was on my 66 Batman trash can for $12. I thought it was a misprint, lol. I have met a lot of awesome people from my adventures in collecting and going to conventions, but my favorite was when I got to meet Neal Adams at a con and have him sign some stuff. He is my all time favorite Batman artist.

Check out the gallery below, for a more in-depth look at the collection of Jim Tucker!

You can also check out Jim’s collection in his own YouTube video below!

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