Welcome to the DCCollectors collection spotlight, where we showcase one of your DC-themed collections! Whether it is a fan just starting out with a small collection, to some of the largest collections in the world, there is always something you can learn from looking at other’s collections. You might find a new way to display something, or maybe even see something you did not know existed!

Today’s focus is a bit of a return to the past. In 2018, collector Mark Reinhart shared his collection with the site, and has returned with a new focus, and an updated look at his collection.

Mark now focuses on costumes of his favorite movie Batmen. As you can see below, Mark has been very busy since we last caught up with him and his collection. Check out more about Mark and his awesome Batman collection below.

DCCollectors: Back in 2018 you shared images of your awesome Batman collection with the site, now it seems your collection has changed up a bit. Explain why your focus changed.

Mark Reinhart: Yes, my focus has changed since that time. I still love collecting Batman action figures and statues, but I have become more and more interested in creating some large-scale Batman items. That is because one of these days, I’m hoping to provide a Batman exhibit for a museum, library or art space. I’ve been putting together lifesize mannequins in various Batman costumes that could be used for such an exhibit. At this point, I’ve got an Alex Ross-style Batman, an Adam West Batman, a Michael Keaton Batman, and a Ben Affleck Batman standing guard in my basement. Plus, I had the idea of using the metal letters you find at craft stores to make a large 3-D Batman logo that could serve as kind of an introduction into the exhibit. I think it turned out really cool, and it looks like the top of a Batman comic cover brought into the real world.  

Also, I’ve always loved seeing the covers of Detective #27 and Batman #1 displayed together. Those two comics alone still offer up a perfect portrayal of the Batman character, and the covers will continue to stand as iconic works of art as long as people are interested in comics and pop culture. So someday, I’d love to see my reprint editions of Detective Comics #27 and Batman #1 displayed in front of my 2-foot by 3-foot posters of those comic covers.

DCCollectors: Now that you are more into the costume side of things, what does one complete costume cost?

Mark Reinhart: It’s funny, but I really don’t have a clear idea of just how much I put into each costume. They are all mixtures of official DC Comics-licensed merchandise, unofficial fan-made items, and regular pieces of clothing bought at your average retail stores. I never could really get the Affleck costume just the way I wanted it, because surprisingly, there isn’t really an officially-licensed mask of that costume that looks anywhere near as good as the masks used in Affleck’s Batman movies. So I kept buying and cutting up different masks to try to approximate the look of the movie masks. So I guess my best answer to your question is that I probably always end up spending more than I thought I would!

DCCollectors: How many of these complete costumes are you going to try and complete?

Mark Reinhart: I have pieces of a Bale-style costume that could probably work well on a head-and-torso mannequin on a stand — cowl, cape, chest piece and belt. But I don’t have any plans right now to see that costume to completion. And of course, someday I may be tempted to do a Pattinson-style costume someday. The initial views of the costume we’ve seen look very cool! However, I promised my wife and kids that I was done bringing any more large Batman stuff into our basement for a while, so I will do my best to honor that promise! 

DCCollectors: Any advice for those out there trying to get into this side of the hobby?

Mark Reinhart: The only advice I would have is probably something that anyone who is interested in this side of Batman fandom has already thought of — there are so many great Batman costume items for sale on eBay, both officially-licensed and fan-made. You are much more likely to find what you are looking for there than you are in a regular costume shop. 

Check out the gallery below, for an updated look at the collection of Mark Reinhart!

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