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Today’s focus is on the collection of Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi. Rasoul’s collection focuses on the classic Super Powers line of DC action figures from Kenner. His passion for the 80’s line led to this massive collection of Super Powers action figures and merchandise. I don’t think you will find a better or more complete collection of Super Powers memorabilia than Rasoul’s collection!

Check out more about Rasoul’s collection below!

Rasoul Ezzat Ahmadi Super Powers Collection
Rasoul Ezzat Ahmadi Super Powers Collection

DCCollectors: You have an absolutely fantastic collection of Super Powers memorabilia. How did you get started and what made you decide this would be something to commit to?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: Super Powers was a few years before my time, I ended up with a few in my collection from my grandparents and my cousin and from picking some up randomly. My grandpa collected several and left them in the packages, and I was always in awe of his collection when I would visit. When I would see the packaging, the colors, the logo, the figures inside… everything about it became extremely nostalgic for me as I got older.

When I was younger, not quite a teenager, my grandpa passed away and my grandma left me with about 12 of his packaged Super Powers figures, because she knew I collected toys and knew that I would appreciate them and take care of them. They instantly became the favorite pieces in my collection. So I started collecting all of them, both carded and loose.

As I got older and could afford more, I started getting the foreign pieces I had never seen before. I read about the Super Amigos Riddler in Toy Fare magazine but had never seen one until eBay came around and was able to pick one up. Captain Ray I had never seen in any magazine or otherwise so I grabbed him when I found it as well.

Eventually I had all of them and started upgrading certain ones I had with rough packaging, and that’s when I noticed different packaging variations. I had a Martian Manhunter with a Superman Cape Offer and upgraded to a nicer Fan Club Offer, but couldn’t let myself get rid of the Cape Offer packaging because I liked them both. I started keeping multiples I had with different cardbacks and eventually it became a goal to get one version of every cardback of every figure.

DCCollectors: Your collection goes beyond just the figures and vehicles. What was your first piece that wasn’t part of the line?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: It was either the comic books (Jack Kirby Mini-Series) or the Burger King cups. I’m going to guess the cups simply because I remember using them as a kid and I still have them.

DCCollectors: How many pieces would you say are in your collection?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: Last count was over 350 different carded figures, and there are hundreds and hundreds of odd items. I really couldn’t guess an exact number but I can safely say over 1000 unique Super Powers items.

DCCollectors: What is your favorite item?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: It’s hard to give a favorite (and I feel like it changes frequently), but right now my “top 3” would be my 33-back Dr Fate Cromalin proof card (he was never released on a 33-back), my Super Amigos Riddler miscard on a Green Lantern card (Riddler is simply a Green Lantern repaint so I’ve always loved this error), and my clear cast Darkseid prototype.

DCCollectors: Can you tell us a cool story about acquiring a piece in the collection?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: No stealthy backroom meetings or anything exciting like that. I did meet Jordan and David from the Toy Hunter show when I was at NYCC promoting my Toy Shield cases (side business I started up) and a few months later I saw them post the Riddler on Green Lantern cardback (on my “top 3”) and so I called them up and bought it directly from David. I also get a kick out of buying any preproduction materials directly from the former Kenner/DC employees. I bought the color guide pages set for the Batman minicomic direct from the estate of the artist. I also bought the Mister Miracle prototype I have directly from the Kenner Engineer, as a few examples.

DCCollectors: Is there anything left that you are still actively searching for to add to your collection?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: Yes, there are a handful of figures I’m hunting from Mexico (Lily Ledy), Brazil (Estrela), and Uruguay (Nibo) to complete my carded collection. I’m also always on the hunt for figures from Italy and Australia that I suspect were made, but I’ve never seen to confirm.

DCCollectors: Do you collect anything else besides Super Powers based items?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: Yes, currently I’m collecting Terminator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Evil Dead/Army of Darkness items, some modern DC, Batmobiles and other 80’s-90’s Batman items. Plus anything I’m particularly nostalgic about without diving deep into the sets, like MASK, Ghostbusters, Silverhawks, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Voltron, Predator, The Tick and Star Wars.

DCCollectors: Any words of advice for those getting into collecting Super Powers figures or collectibles?

Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi: Collect what you love and what you can afford. Money and space are always limiting factors when you’ve been collecting a while. Collectibles often go up in value, but they can also go down in value, so try not to collect due to the “investment” part of it, and get items that make you feel nostalgic and warm inside and you’ll never lose on the money end of things. With Super Powers specifically, if you’re determined to get the full set then you likely already know the 3rd series figures (Cyborg, Shazam, Mr Miracle, etc) are going to be the hardest to find complete and at a reasonable cost. Some people collect with a larger budget so you can just buy them as they are available, but most people have to be budget-conscious about collecting so I recommend an “opportunist” approach, simply be patient and pick them up when you find a good deal. I created a wiki page for Super Powers collectors (superpowerswiki.com), which has been a great resource for seeing which items were made, and what cardbacks came with which figures. It has an open blog, and many people have contributed different posts for spotting the differences between Super Powers and the closely related Toy Biz Super Heroes figures and other topics. It’s definitely worth bookmarking for questions along your Super Powers collecting journey.

Check out the gallery below, for a more in-depth look at the collection of Rasoul Ezzat-Ahmadi!

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