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Today’s focus is on the collection of David Berger. David is a diehard Wonder Woman fan with his face in a couple of Wonder Woman comics to prove it! His love for the character knows no bounds and he has amassed quite a collection!

Check out more about David’s collection below!

The Wonder Woman Collection of David Berger

DCCollectors: How did you get into collecting Wonder Woman toys and what was your first Wonder Woman toy/collectible?

David Berger: My obsession with Wonder Woman began when I was around 11 years old with the TV show, and later the cartoon Super Friends, and then the comics. My first collectible were 8×10 photographs of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman that I purchased at a flea market near my house. 

DCCollectors: How many pieces are in your collection? 

David Berger: A rough estimate would have to be between 5,000 to 6,000 pieces. 

DCCollectors: If you could only choose one item to keep, which one would it be and why?

David Berger: That’s a tough question, but I suppose it would be those 8×10 photographs since they were my very first pieces. They hold tremendous emotional weight for me because they were from a live-action superhero, the first I remember seeing on television.  

DCCollectors: Tell me a little bit about that awesome Wonder Woman desk.

David Berger: The red table top for the desk and the blue legs are actually from Ikea. I then purchased the large “W” decal for the desktop, and the white stars for the legs. It’s the one thing in the office that everyone comments on. 

DCCollectors: What is the one Wonder Woman item that you want to add to your collection?

David Berger: A life-size statue of Wonder Woman. I have a 3′ tall one in my front hallway, but a full-size statue would be outstanding. Pun intended. 

DCCollectors: You have quite a few posters and artwork on your walls. Some of it looks like it was commissioned. Any stories behind that?

David Berger: Actually, one of my favorite things is purchasing artwork from artists that I know, and I know many. Strangely enough, I have actually not commissioned any artwork from artists because I would rather have their interpretation of the character. 

DCCollectors: What piece of advice do you have for those just starting their collections?

David Berger: Buy pieces that move you. Depending on the space you have, purchase pieces that connect with you rather than simply buying them just to have them. I only use my home office for my collection, so when I have no more space, I guess I’ll have to stop collecting. Either that, or I will have to move to a bigger house! 

DCCollectors: Do you have an interesting story regarding the collection, such as meeting someone famous while shopping for your toys, or a super deal you got on something?

David Berger: Well, I actually own the comics where an artist put my likeness. I became friendly with Yanick Paquette, an artist who worked on Wonder Woman back in the 90s, and he put my face in a museum portrait on one page of Wonder Woman #148. About five years ago, he approached me again and asked if he could include me as another side character in the Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel. So, I appear as a bartender on one page actually serving a drink to Wonder Woman. 

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