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Today’s focus is on the collection of Janna Perez. Janna’s passion is Harley Quinn, and it shows in her fantastic collection. Her collection features everything from toys, comics, artwork, and statues, to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Check out more about Janna’s collection below!

The Jana Perez Harley Quinn Collection
The Janna Perez Harley Quinn Collection

DCCollectors: How did you get into collecting Harley Quinn toys and what was your first Harley toy/collectible?

Janna PerezGrowing up, Batman was a huge part of my life. My dad was a huge fan and collector of Batman, a regular man with no powers that went out and protected his city, just like dad did as a police officer. As I got older and had different experiences in my life, I found myself relating to Harley’s character. I broke away from following in dads love of Batman and discovered the character that I related to the most. Harley is so multi-faceted and everything she experienced is relatable to so many women. 

I wanted to start collecting sooner but, funds and space were low.  When I finally established myself in life, in my career and became financially stable, I got my first piece, the Harley Quinn 8” statue with Handcuffs exclusive that was released in 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con. It was a great piece for me because my career is in law enforcement as a police officer. It carried a multitude of pride and accomplishments with its purchase. 

DCCollectors: How many pieces are in your collection? 

Janna PerezI have a lot of pieces in my collection. I have 252 pieces that are currently out on display. I have had to put some away due to space constraints and to make room for other statues and art. If I had to guess the total amount, the number would be around 500.  

DCCollectors: If you could only choose one item to keep, which one would it be and why?

Janna PerezOh man, that is such a tough question. Everything I have is so special. I love all the artwork that my friends have made for me. They are one of a kind. I honestly don’t know if I would be able to pick just one. Everything from my Harley Quinn Build-a-Bear to my Cryptozoic Golden Goddesses mean so much to me.

DCCollectors: If price did not matter, what is the one Harley item that you want to add to your collection?

Janna PerezAs soon as I read this question, I knew! I would love to add the Arkham City Harley Quinn Life-Size Statue Foam Prop Replica. Standing at 5’11” this statue is nothing short of impressive.

DCCollectors: Does the Christmas tree stay up year-round, or is just a Christmas time display?

Janna PerezI wish! Although I love my Christmas tree and have at least 25 Harley ornaments to tie in with the red, black, and white decorations, the tree is too big. We had a 9’ Balsam Hill, so it is a very full tree that takes up a good amount of space and blocks a few of the display cases. I also want to keep the excitement of the ornaments and decorations for the holiday.

DCCollectors: Tell me a bit about the artwork hanging above the Harley baseball bat.

Janna PerezThe larger pieces are by an artist named Blend Cota. He is the Creative Director for the Thomas Kinkade Studios. My fiancée Chris and I were on a date for our first Valentine’s Day together at Foxwoods when we stopped into the Kinkade Studio, it was there I saw the Harley piece. I had to have her. We also bought the “Dark Knight Saves Gotham City” by Kinkade piece that day. We brought the Kinkade back during a highlight event and my fiancée surprised me with the Joker and Harley piece. We had solar panels put on the house, and when our rep saw my collection, said she had a piece of art that she wanted to give me that would fit right in. I was skeptical at first, but when I saw it, it was indeed perfect! The artist is Barbara Ottman and it is titled “This is HA”. 

DCCollectors: What piece of advice do you have for those just starting their collections?

Janna PerezI would say don’t buy things to try to make a profit. I can’t stand people who buy just to resell and collectors like me are forced to over-pay. If you are going to collect, collect because it is something that you’re passionate about and gives you joy. Buy only things you love! There are plenty of Harley statues out there that I honestly don’t like, so I don’t spend the money. Also, a good friend of mine Alex English told me, if it comes sealed or taped closed, don’t open it. I will admit, I did break that rule 3 times, but I needed them displayed. Three out of 500 isn’t bad, right?

DCCollectors: Do you have an interesting story regarding the collection, such as meeting someone famous while shopping for your toys, or a super deal you got on something?

Janna Perez: Nothing super cool, but surprisingly, I had never gone to a Comic-Con before. My schedule just never aligned. Finally, one year I was able to go, so my fiancée bought us tickets a couple years ago to the Rhode Island Comic-Con, for one reason… Tara Strong. Tara voices a ton of iconic character including the one, the only, Harley Quinn! No one has voiced Harley as much as Tara. She has done almost 40 different iterations of Harley since 2011. She talked to me in Harley’s voice and I completely geeked out! I was able to get her autograph on several pieces of the versions she voiced in my collection.

Check out a gallery of Janna’s collection below.

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