It seems McFarlane Toys is playing to the scalper crowd, by releasing a new line called McFarlane Platinum Edition. The line kicks off with this bronze Joker figure which is randomly packed in cases and is limited to only 3,000 pieces.

This is the exact thing I was hoping we could avoid with this line, but it seems that driving prices up on the secondary market is what companies want to do these days. Luckily this is not a “must-have” figure for me. If it were anything other than a “bronze” variant, I would be fuming right now.

You can see that current eBay final sales have him going for about $60.00 right now. So if you are interested in outright purchasing him, go to eBay now. Otherwise, enjoy the hunt.


In July, during McFarlane Con, McFarlane Toys teased a new chase program coming soon. The new chase program officially is called McFarlane Platinum Edition.  McFarlane Toys has designed the new chase program to create a line of collectibles that will excite all collectors and become a valued part of your McFarlane Toys collection. 

The first figure to release from this program is the Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze Edition, and it will be hitting retailers in September 2020. The Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze Edition figure is limited in production – only 3,000 produced worldwide – and has been randomly packed into DC Multiverse cases shipping to retailers globally.

In 2021, all chase figures released in the McFarlane Platinum Edition program will be showcased in limited-edition packaging with a McFarlane Platinum Edition label printed in foil.

Every McFarlane Platinum Edition figure will be highly limited in quantity and feature a rare paint variation. It will extend across all of McFarlane Toys’ world-class and fan-favorite entertainment and pop culture brands to bring the “chase’ of collecting back to fans everywhere!

There will be several more rare chase figures releasing in 2020. For more reveals of upcoming McFarlane Platinum Edition Figures, stay tuned to McFarlane Toys’ official social channels and


Grammy-and Emmy-winning producer/director Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, is the creative force behind McFarlane Toys, one of America’s top action figure manufacturers. McFarlane Toys has become an industry leader, redefining the standards within the action figure market. For complete information on this pop-culture powerhouse, visit


  1. Matty Traverso says:

    Seriously, why do they want to make it hard for people to find their figures? Luckily, as you said, this is not a figure I care about owning, so I am fine letting it pass me by.

    • Ashley Wilbanks says:

      Yep, I absolutely hate this idea. I know why, they are trying to squeeze as much money from a case of their Arkham Asylum figures as they can, and by adding this in, they will no doubt sell many more cases. Sucks for us though.

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