If you are into collecting coins, then New Zealand Mint has something that should be right up your alley! Although you might not want to meet this guy in an alley in Gotham City!

The company is releasing a the Faces of Gotham silver coin featuring Two-Face!

The thrilling Faces of Gotham™ Silver Coin Collection expands with its fifth release. This 1oz pure silver coin features GOTHAM CITY’s criminal mastermind, TWO-FACE™. Immortalized on a unique colored and shaped silver coin, this riveting design marks the contrast between the two sides of TWO-FACE.

The coin is placed inside a compact, themed box with a window for easy display. Further enhancing its appeal, is a unique serial number on the box to confirm its authenticity. And with only 5,000 being produced, this is a highly desirable collectible for any fan. Take a chance on this one!

You can currently order the coin directly from New Zealand Mint for $99.00 USD.

Faces of Gotham – TWO-FACE
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