McFarlane Toys Reveals New 7inch Page Punchers

UPDATE – Pre-Orders are up now!

McFarlane Toys dropped teasers yesterday for a new sub-line of the DC license – 7 inch scale Page Punchers. Under the DC Direct banner, these are different from the last batch of Page Punchers, in that they are the 7 inch scale figures as opposed to the 3 inch scale.

These are the first figures under the DC Direct banner that feature the same sculpt style and articulation of normal McFarlane Toys action figures. The recent releases from DC Direct have all been previously completed and unreleased figures before the cancelation of the DC Direct brand. It will be interesting to see if this is the case with DC Direct figures going forward.

It is a very nice way to get more DC product on the shelf, and kind of in the same scale. Let’s face it, the DC Multiverse line is all over the place when it comes to scale, one of the things I have harped on since the introduction of the line.

The first wave featured Black Adam, Batman, Constantine and Superman. Each figure comes with a part of a Black Adam comic, that when put together that tells a unique story that is exclusive to these figure packs. The book is the exact same for each figure. It looks as if the cover art was done by artist Lee Bermejo, and the figures follow that same style.

No information was given on price or a release date, but if this is like the usual marketing, you can expect that information very soon. You can check out the first images along with a look at the comic book cover for Black Adam, below.

Black Adam

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Page Punchers Black Adam


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Page Punchers Batman


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Page Punchers Constantine


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Page Punchers Superman

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