This weekend McFarlane Toys announced not one, but two new Target exclusive DC Multiverse figures in Impulse and Project Superman. Who would have thought that two days after the announcement, they would go up for pre-order on

Well that is exactly what happened. Check out the links below.

McFarlane Toys DC Comics 7″ BAF Exclusive 2023 Q2 (Target Exclusive)

Subject One spent most of his life being experimented on both physically and psychologically. But when he gets a chance to escape, will he take it if it means destroying everything and everyone around him? A chance meeting with a young future reporter might hold the key to his decision. Frightened, scared and out in the world for the first time, Subject One must learn what it means to go from man to Superman™!

McFarlane Toys DC Comics 7″ Batman Exclusive 2023 Q2 (Target Exclusive)

Bart Allen™, a time-traveling speedster from the 31st century, became an important member of both The Flash™ Family and the Young Justice team. A Multiverse-altering crisis occurred while he was trapped in the Speed Force, resulting in most of his teammates forgetting him and their shared history. Released when the Force Barrier was broken, Bart sought out his friends and family.

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