Holy heartbreak, Batman.

A key piece of the Batman utility belt arsenal, the Bat-Cuffs represent a symbol of Batman’s code of honor itself. Criminals must face justice at the hands of the United States legal system, or what has been coined as Batman’s “no-killing” rule, which became an official part of Batman lore all the way back in Batman issue #4 (1940), when Batman tells Robin, “Remember, we never kill with weapons of any kind.”

Paragon FX Group and Warner Brothers have partnered to bring you this 1:1 scale prop replica which will look as good on your shelf as it will on your utility belt. 

As with all our replicas, Team Paragon painstakingly researches all available reference prior to bringing a piece to life. 

Limited to only 500 units worldwide, these Bat-Cuffs are certain to become a cherished part of your collection. 

Note: The Bat-Cuffs are intended for display only. While they can be closed by way of a magnetic clasp, they are not intended to hold or otherwise restrain any arch villains.

This new set will set you back $124.99 and can be pre-ordered now from your favorite online vendor.

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